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Weekend activities for Japanese youths

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According to some studies, the youth of today are leaning toward the ‘dark spirit’ and the Japanese youth are no exception. Older adults claim that this so-called ‘dark spirit’ is very much different from the youth’s gloomy days. What are the weekend activities for the Japanese youth?

Most of the Japanese youth have a taste for medical and pathological things. They are quite proud to announce that they’ve slashed wrists and that they were given prescription medicines. These things are really extraordinary and have caught the older adults by surprise.

The music industry is also among the top influences for the youth. Rock groups are really popular and their song’s dark lyrics are gathering more fans than despite its minor-league status. Among the rock bands that older adults call as ‘sickness’ are Raphael, Mook, Kinaluna, and Caligari. You can often hear the Japanese youth talking about these rock bands because they want to share their interests with other teens.

The youth are also into ‘Goth-Loli’ fashion.goth loli fashion This kind of fashion seems to symbolize the ‘dark spirit’. The key color for this fashion trend is black although white is also used sparingly to create an effect. The whole image is almost dull and young teens usually add lace and frills. The youth today also use accessories such as crowns, crosses, and even wooden small coffins. Some young girls blacken their eye area as if to imply death masks. Way back in 2003, this fashion trend is the most popular in Japan.

Perhaps you’ve already heard about the murder case in Kawachi-Nagano. A young girl killed her family and run away with her friend. These two youths became involved in the use of cold medicines, wrist-cutting, and the Goli-Loli. Because of this incident, the Japanese youth who were into these ‘abnormal’ things were pushed into the country’s spotlight.

The Japanese youth, according to some studies, are showing a self-abusive behavior. This personality disorder is not new to the Japanese society. In fact, postwar Japanese behaviors were linked to coercion, self-abuse and addiction. The youth that time portrayed some sort of worker’s masochism and neo-masochists. They feel that if they worked very hard and bear any suffering or pain, they will be respected. Neo masochists had the habit of showing bloodied wrists to emphasize pain and suffering.

Perhaps the youth of today are very much familiar with their past and they are trying to revive it. But no matter what their reasons are, the troubled Japanese youth should avoid the so called ‘dark spirit’. These things are probably the weekend activities that keep Japanese youth occupied.

The younger generation after the postwar is already in their late 30s and 40s. They have realized their mistakes in the past and now they are on the road to healing. They don’t want the young generation of today to follow their paths. That is why the older adults are trying very hard to encourage teens to join healthier activities which can lead them to the bright side, not the dark side.

Parents play a vital role in developing their teen’s behavior or personality. Since adolescence is a period of great adjustment and exploration, parents should monitor their teen’s activities. Help them to engage in healthy weekend activities. By doing so, they can live a happier and successful life in the near future.

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Hand Painted Converse

Customized Converse Low

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Happy New Year 2013

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A Different Kind of Christmas

fashionistarocks christmasThe holidays are a time to meet up with those you love and to celebrate your precious time together on the planet earth. All of us enjoy getting together with those we enjoy spending time with, and we appreciate the limited time we get to do so. However there is a sad side to our celebrating that many have no idea how to help with.

Every year there are those less fortunate souls who cannot afford to celebrate with their loved ones. Many of these people don’t even have any loved ones left to visit, and thus they roam the streets alone. So many of us would like to show compassion and kindness to these people, but where do we even begin? How on earth can we make a difference in these people’s lives?

One of the greatest holiday gift ideas we can give this holiday season that lasts much more than any game console or new exciting technological gadget is giving of our time. Volunteering at a local church, mission or food bank is a most rewarding experience, and I highly recommend it to all who read this. Watching these lonely, almost lifeless people light up with hope and joy, just because someone who cares and loves them has come into their life, is something amazing to behold.

Serving food and drink to these less fortunate souls is also an amazing holiday gift idea. This can be done at a soup kitchen, but if one does not exist in your city or town, then an alternative would be to make up some simple paper-sack lunches with a juice box, piece of fruit, and a simple sandwich inside. If you are a believer, you could also include a scripture of how God love’s them, even in their time of need. Try this method and watch how blessed you feel when you know you have helped someone out who desperately needed it.

If giving of your time this way is not possible, another holiday gift idea would be to use your talents to create a gift. Making simple scarves and hats are easy patterns to master, whether you knit or crochet with yarn, or even sew with fleece. Another needed item are blankets – you can find several non-profit organizations who will take donations of knit or crochet squares, or even finished quilt blocks, and then their volunteers sew the blocks together to make completed blankets. These blankets are so needed for these unfortunate people, and your work will be greatly appreciated.

Another item you can make as a holiday gift idea to give away is stuffed animals. Unfortunately there resides several homeless children in this world, barely getting by while surviving with their parents on the streets and off of the trash scraps they find to eat that night. Many of these children are desperate for a compassionate person, and the volunteers who give these handmade teddy-bears will tell you how a child’s eyes open up with renewed hope and life.

Finally, if you are not a talented creator, nor can you give of your time freely, consider helping other organizations such as Christmas Unlimited or Toys for Tots with your money or donated toys and clothing so that the parents who cannot afford to give their children gifts this Christmas will still have a miracle occur and Christmas be saved for their precious children. This can be an ultimate holiday gift idea!


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Pureté Plus Teens Skin Care

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All About Manicures

“Manicure” is a word that is typically familiar among women. However, it is actually quite common for men to indulge in manicures too, especially before an important event such as a wedding or business opportunity. People often get or give themselves manicures for various reasons. Sometimes it’s to simply be pampered, as getting a professional manicure is often a very relaxing experience. Other times it’s to get ready for special events, or to simply look one’s best on a daily basis.

Manicures can be done at the home or in a salon, with most people choosing to head to a salon. This is because salons provide several options for the ultimate manicure. For example, you can choose from hundreds of shades of nail polish or choose a customized manicure. French manicures are often a popular choice among women obtaining a professional manicure. Other popular options include American manicures, diamond nails, gel nails, and having cute, trendy designs painted on your nails. If you don’t know the difference between these types of manicures, this article will help you choose which on is right for you.

An American manicure closely resembles the French manicure. It’s beautiful, subtle, and classy all at the same time. The major difference is that the American manicure is thought by many women to look more natural than the French look. American manicures usually do not contain a color base, but are painted clear or an opaque white prior to painting the tips. The tips are still painted white, but don’t appear as bright as French manicures. Diamond nail manicures are a slightly more expensive form of manicure, but for very good reason. The concept formed from creating a base coat made from real diamonds, which bond to form a hard, protective coating over the actual fingernail. This provides a glamorous look while helping the nails to grow rapidly. Some places may not use a base coat containing actual diamonds, but the concept and look remains the same. Gel nail manicures are done using an acrylic base over the top of the actual nail, providing strength to enhance the growth of the nails. It should be known that eventually this layer begins to break off, but some women prefer to keep up this form of manicure to keep their nails hard and strong.

For those opting to do their manicures at home, it’s possible to achieve the same professional look for a lot less. Look for professional manicure kits. You can choose from a French, American, or classic (a color is applied to your entire nail) manicure kit. If your nails are long enough, you can purchase the kits with adhesive strips to help you perfect the white line that is painted over the tips. If you have short nails but wish to make them look longer, you will need to purchase artificial tips and the supplies needed for these manicures – acrylic powder, bonding solution, professional nail cutting scissors, and a buffer. Sometimes you can purchase the acrylic kits already containing these items. However, be careful when choosing an acrylic kit.

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Men Wardrobe

Men have a wide variety of options, when it comes to stocking their wardrobes. There are many styles to consider, and fashions are always evolving. Some pieces seem to remain popular throughout the decades, and designer jeans are just one example of items that fit that description. They are versatile, and they work well for many occasions. When shopping for clothing staples for men, it is good to keep in mind all of the components that add up to a functional wardrobe.

While maintaining a sense of style is important to many consumers, it is not the only element to consider, when browsing men  clothing. The latest fashions will fall short of high expectations, if they are not matched appropriately to the person wearing them. A man who is advanced in years might like the styles worn by men in their twenties, but is probably better suited to pieces intended for his age range. This does not mean he must sacrifice fashion, and in fact, there are many clothing lines designed to complement and showcase the physiques of older men.

Another important factor is how clothing fits a person. Men fashion changes constantly, just as fashions for women do.  If a garment does not fit an individual well, it generally does not convey the look it was supposed to. It is wise to learn about personal measurements and limitations, and to dress accordingly. A competent tailor can be of enormous help, both in discovering individual proportions, and in adjusting clothes to fit them beautifully.

Men suits, in particular, can be very difficult to wear, if they are not given proper adjustments by a knowledgeable tailor. It is rare for a man to find a suit that fits immediately, without the need for any alterations. A good, well-made suit is an investment, and it should last for many seasons. It is usually worth the extra time and effort required, in order to ensure that such an ensemble looks the way it is supposed to.

Suits are typically best worn with men dress shirts that complement them well. Classic styles are often relied upon for their traditional lines, which work well in many situations. Trendier styles, however, can be just as elegant and appropriate, especially if they are intended for use with suits or jackets. A fashionable dress shirt can be the determining factor, when assembling an outfit that is meant to impress peers and associates.

When a man wishes to dress in a stylish manner, without appearing too formal or overdone, designer jeans can be a key asset. There are countless designs that are quite appropriate in a variety of settings. Jeans are now worn in a multitude of circumstances, from first dates to casual business meetings. People of all shapes and sizes can usually find jeans that fit them, and that are suitable for many occasions.

A fashionable ensemble for a man is not fully realized, without a good pair of men dress shoes to complete it. Shoes can make the difference between a look that is mediocre, and one that is stunning and unforgettable. Whether one chooses to wear a three-piece suit, or a simple jacket with pants, a decent pair of shoes can help to produce a desirable effect.

For some men, dressing well and appropriately is easy to do, and for others, it can be a bit more challenging. It is usually a sage idea to consult with a trusted friend or family member, before putting an ensemble together. Most wardrobes are best if they contain several key pieces, like suits for formal occasions, and designer jeans for more casual use. Most men will find that once they have acquired the basic elements needed, the next logical steps are to put them on, and to enjoy them.

Author:  A. Noton


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Various Hair Styles

Hair Weave – This is the most favored approach to attach extensions. Weaving is done with a special needle that’s either curved or straight. First, a really thin braid track is created over the client’s head and the stylist takes the weft of the hair and sews it on. Since the hair is being sewn on it is permanent until you remove it. You’ll have to sleep by using it and wash it on average Twice a week. With this method, you will need to buy hair around the weft for weaving.

Hair Fusion – This has many variations with regards to the methods to attach. Initially, fusion ended by using a glue sticks and glue gun, but now glue comes already attach to hair. In the start, stylist required to try taking some extensions and use the glue gun to add and mold the extension to the client’s hair. With new ideas and methods, hair manufacturers and attached the glue onto the hair. With this you simple have a heating iron and melt the end and mold it onto the person hair.

Skin Extensions – We’ve come a long way from the old days of weaving and bonding hair extensions. Now with more people wearing commercial extensions, a more efficient and natural looking method has surfaced. Skin extension includes a thin polyurethane base where one can attach by utilizing tapes. A double sided clear tape is mounted on bottom and top of the client’s hair and you seal it by making use of heat having a flat iron. It is strong as a bond, but much cleaner and you can attach it in your own home.

Lace front wigs – Lace front wigs are very natural also it eliminates the need for a stylist to weave hair extensions. It’s a wig however it can produce a very real looking hair line. Many celebrities wear them. These lace front wigs have been around for a long time plus they were utilized by Hollywood special effects to produce a new person. Somehow someone decided that it should go main stream and provide this type of wigs for anybody that are looking to look natural with wigs.

Hair Closure – Hair closure is an extremely useful hair piece to finish off a weave making the whole hair extensions look very natural. The hair closure is really a handmade hair piece that is made on a whether skin base or a mesh base. When this piece is put on, a natural looking hair line can be created and can look very natural.

Hair Bonding – Hair bonding is relatively a quick and easy way to add extensions in a hurry. You can buy hair bonding glue and simple apply the glue around the weft of the hair. However, this is not permanent meaning that it’ll emerge when you wash your hair. It’s a pleasant way to possess a little volume in places that you want more hair and you can get it done on your own or possess a family member apply it for you personally.

Strand by Strand – This really is another variation from the fusion method called per-tipped extensions hair. In a package of hair, you’ll have up to 200-300 tiny bundles. The tips seem like shoe string. You can attach them using a ring and shutting them. There’s no heat involved and it will stay and last about 3 months. If it comes down out, then you can reapply.

Author: B. Hair

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High Heels Can Never Get Out Of Fashion

If you are among those few girls who claim to be a big shoe lover then you might  be having almost every type and style of high heels in your closet. These
footwears have become a big fetish among almost every woman in the world and this craze is well deserved because they look stylish, phenomenal with
practically everything that you wear in daily routine. These heels come in various colors, style and variety. The length of heel can vary from 1 inch to 10
inches. To bear any type of body weight the heels have steel at their base so that it becomes easy for everyone to carry them efficiently.

High heels have lethal looks, amazing flexibility that no other type of footwear can match up to its standard. For this reason or some more they have become a craze among every fashion conscious woman. High heels are not new to the world. They became popular in 17th century but they were not considered as a fashion accessory but as a tool by butchers to keep them away from blood of animals, spilled on the loor. They were also useful for horse riders as they would prevent them from slipping. Now they are only worn by women as a fashion accessory.

Large number of companies offers great variety of heels that you can go for. However the choice should be made after giving some thoughts. When you go to purchase one for you, do consider prices of different companies that they are offering to you. Never be in hurry to make choice as it is possible that later on you will feel that you could get even a better pair then what you have already purchased. After considering prices closely go for the company who is offering a good quality at reasonable price.
Have patience and wait for a season when companies offer huge amount of discounts on branded high heels. This is the best deal that you must grab as and when it happens. Discounts will easily allow you to buy more in quantity as the prices are reasonable and moreover you are getting quality products.
You can never go wrong when it comes to high heels as you can wear them with almost everything that you have in your wardrobe. So never have fear of being called a fashion blunder as you will look stunning when you wear them.


Author: Amigole

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