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Various Hair Styles

on October 17, 2012

Hair Weave – This is the most favored approach to attach extensions. Weaving is done with a special needle that’s either curved or straight. First, a really thin braid track is created over the client’s head and the stylist takes the weft of the hair and sews it on. Since the hair is being sewn on it is permanent until you remove it. You’ll have to sleep by using it and wash it on average Twice a week. With this method, you will need to buy hair around the weft for weaving.

Hair Fusion – This has many variations with regards to the methods to attach. Initially, fusion ended by using a glue sticks and glue gun, but now glue comes already attach to hair. In the start, stylist required to try taking some extensions and use the glue gun to add and mold the extension to the client’s hair. With new ideas and methods, hair manufacturers and attached the glue onto the hair. With this you simple have a heating iron and melt the end and mold it onto the person hair.

Skin Extensions – We’ve come a long way from the old days of weaving and bonding hair extensions. Now with more people wearing commercial extensions, a more efficient and natural looking method has surfaced. Skin extension includes a thin polyurethane base where one can attach by utilizing tapes. A double sided clear tape is mounted on bottom and top of the client’s hair and you seal it by making use of heat having a flat iron. It is strong as a bond, but much cleaner and you can attach it in your own home.

Lace front wigs – Lace front wigs are very natural also it eliminates the need for a stylist to weave hair extensions. It’s a wig however it can produce a very real looking hair line. Many celebrities wear them. These lace front wigs have been around for a long time plus they were utilized by Hollywood special effects to produce a new person. Somehow someone decided that it should go main stream and provide this type of wigs for anybody that are looking to look natural with wigs.

Hair Closure – Hair closure is an extremely useful hair piece to finish off a weave making the whole hair extensions look very natural. The hair closure is really a handmade hair piece that is made on a whether skin base or a mesh base. When this piece is put on, a natural looking hair line can be created and can look very natural.

Hair Bonding – Hair bonding is relatively a quick and easy way to add extensions in a hurry. You can buy hair bonding glue and simple apply the glue around the weft of the hair. However, this is not permanent meaning that it’ll emerge when you wash your hair. It’s a pleasant way to possess a little volume in places that you want more hair and you can get it done on your own or possess a family member apply it for you personally.

Strand by Strand – This really is another variation from the fusion method called per-tipped extensions hair. In a package of hair, you’ll have up to 200-300 tiny bundles. The tips seem like shoe string. You can attach them using a ring and shutting them. There’s no heat involved and it will stay and last about 3 months. If it comes down out, then you can reapply.

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