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Choosing the right nail files for the perfect manicure

Various nail files are available on the market but how to know the one that suits you best?

It is recommended to get a regular manicure to have the perfect looking nails.

Some people choose the least expensive nail files, some in glass, some in steel and some in the variety of stone.

You first need to know your nails health.

If your nails are soft you might one to choose a soft emery board.

If your nails are hard, you might one to choose a hard nail board like the ones in steel.

If your nails are normal, just choose a medium strength nail file.

The best ones are  professional grade files that are made from natural mineral like: stone and glass. They can be purchased at any beauty or retail store.

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Jessica B. Nail Polish

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New skin care for teens

Have tested a new skin care for teens that is outstanding and you should try it.

The name is Purete+, it’s made in Switzerland and is a whole natural skin care. This product is amazing. It takes out black spots, help clear acne and the line has 5 different products:

– Cleansing milk

– Impure skin tonic lotion (helps treat acne)

– Foaming Cleanser (Without soap) (Pouch)

– Gentle Cleansing (Pump)

– Treatment roll-on

The distributor is Image

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